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7 Jan 2021

Happy new year 2021

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Dear ApparelX Global members, 

We wish you a happy 2021. ApparelX is back to normal business hours and we are happy to assist you again! 

Despite of the pandemic, 2020 was a huge success for ApparelX Global. We received endless support from our international customers, shipping orders to all over the world. ApparelX Global is very young and has many things to improve but we always try to provide the best experience to ApparelX Global members. 

In 2021, we hope to bring better service to our customers. Of course our goal can not be completed without your help, so if you have any products inquiry or feedback, feel free to contact us at

This time, we prepare a "Happy New Year" coupon, of which value is 1,000 yen (approx $10. The currency to be converted to yours), for all of you! Please press the button below, and apply the coupon on the page. Just clicking buttons, you can earn the points!

*Note: Before applying coupons, you need to create your ApparelX Account here.

Best regards, 


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Deliver From Japan
GBP | Pound sterling